Activities at Samui Elephant Home

Elephant Program Information


Come along and help to conserve elephants with us. Samui Elephant Home offers activities such as learning the natural habitat of elephants and getting to know how they live in the wild. Spending quality time with our elephants will make you realize the importance of conserving these gentle giants for future generations to appreciate.

Activities include:


  • Participate for preparing supplementary food by yourselves and also feed organic food for elephants as a suitable and nutrition diet.
  • Walking with elephants in their natural surroundings to see how they live in Samui Elephant Home.
  • Helping to scrub and wash our elephants in their giant bathtub. 



Knowledge assimilation

  • Introduction to the objective and concept of Samui Elephant Home project.
  • Learn how to prepare appropiate food for elephants.
  • Observe elephants playing at their mud spa as skin treatment which helps to protect them from sunburn.
  • Join our elephant tour at Samui Elephant Home to support us in elephant conservation and building the first elephant clinic on Koh Samui.



Conserve Elephants on Koh Samui 

  • Increase your knowledge and understanding of elephants to learn more about elephant conservation which is our main aim.
  • We can all help to conserve elephants and save the environment by using products during the Samui Elephant Home tour.