One of our programs for ethically learning about the environment and being wellness with Thai herbs. To be part of nature is magical life. It cannot be described by words. You will feel real nature in your soul. Everything keeps you strong and energetic. This program is the one of the wellness to recover and learn the Thai herb to be  healthier.

• Start to pick up around the island to Hin Lad waterfall approximately 30-50 minutes.
• Obtain an introduction for the concept and objective of the wellness program.
• Walk up the mountain around 25-30 minutes alongside the rainforest and enjoy the beautiful view of the waterfall.
• After reaching the destination, time to relax by taking a dip in a fresh waterfall and feel true nature.
• Then walk back to the car and get some fresh towels and head to the herb garden, participate in making herbal balls and learn about the method to produce herbal oil.
• Visit an organic farm to try and watch the local chef create special dishes as Chef's Table will include Thai herb to be healthier.
• Get the top of the mountain to visit the secret garden is a beautiful landscaped garden featuring flowers and trees native to Koh Samui and Thailand and many Buddha statues with different meanings arranged in scenarios representing different ideals.
• Drop by the first health shop in koh Samui to see the wellness products. Time to say goodbye and drop off at the hotel with happiness and a good experience.

Price: Adult 2,100 baht per person and children (5-11 years) 1,500 baht per person