Throughout the years, we have seen rapid progress, causing the forest area to decrease because of some deforestation, global warming and some of many reasons that directly affect the population of Thai elephants have decreased considerably as well. This is what we must rush to help and fix as soon as possible. Therefore, it created an elephant conservation facility. It aims to promote sustainable wildlife, environment and local communities.

Our Samui Elephant Home
has been open as an elephant conservation facility for over four years, we have never stopped developing our quality and projects in various fields. And with a clear intention of conserving wildlife, the environment and local communities, we have developed a clearer and more comprehensive project format. The name was changed and rebranded to Samui Elephant Home Caring & Education Center (SCEC) by some public and private sectors and universities to jointly create a complete ecotourism project. That is, all tourists, in addition to enjoying new experiences, also gain knowledge and understanding as  part of this conservation. We have a professional team that will provide knowledge, impressions and good experiences to everyone who has visited our SCEC.

For our activities,
 it will be within the norm of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), where we will educate both Thai and foreign tourists. Especially children who will be educated with an accurate understanding of the environment in theory and practice. Our activities will include home cooking, viewing the way of life in local communities, learning about the sea’s natural resources, getting to know the flora of the South that you may have never seen before and including the elephant caring program. All these fun activities will help tourists realise the importance of the environment leading to sustainable development and conservation.

We are a leading organisation formed by all sectors of cooperation to promote the most sustainable and efficient ecotourism. In addition, we also distribute income to the community as well.



- Tourists will gain knowledge, enjoyment and awareness of the importance of conservation simultaneously.
- From the impression that tourists get will result in persuasion and telling others about the importance of conserving the environment.
- Collaborate with local communities to introduce new types of tourism that are unique. It is also a continuation of business balance and distribution of income to the community, including creating an impression for tourists as well.
- We create good cooperation with both public and private organisations to foster a good consciousness which leads to the development of ecotourism in all sectors.
- We are determined to be the starting point in driving ecotourism and promoting environmentally friendly tourism in all organisational sectors. Everything we have done for sustainable natural resource conservation.


Samui Elephant Home Caring & Education Center is an organisation and ecotourism destination that arose from recognising the environmental, wildlife and community support. All Thai and foreigners’ tourists who visit our SECE must gain the elephant conservation knowledge, fun, and a new travel experience that does not hurt nature. This is to cultivate the Institute of Conservation and provide opportunities for everyone to participate in this conservation

And of course, our ecotourism project would not have been achieved without cooperation from communities, educational institutions, and associations. Make every step can be carried out in the most efficient way. Both are educating and practising guidelines leading to the conservation and sustainable development of the environment.

Our ecotourism program will be well planned for the most effectiveness. Our program will allow tourists to learn the theory and practicality, including getting into the area, seeing animals and seeing local communities. Of course, this will definitely be a tourism program that can extend the conservation to spread in many areas of the world. Our program will be as follows

Tourism & Education for
Elephant and Wildlife Conservation

Tourism & Education for
Environment Conservation

Tourism & Education for
Local Communities

This is one of the most available comprehensive ecotourism programs . We aim to focus on the coexistence of people in the community, animals, and the environment to be as balanced as possible, achieving sustainability can be a pattern for developing ecotourism in other areas as well.