Samui Elephant Home offers the best memory experiences and activities, such as learning about elephants' natural habitat and how they live in the wild. Spending quality time with our elephants will make you realize the importance of conserving these gentle giants for future generations to appreciate.



• Pick you up from the hotel and drive a car to Samui Elephant Home approximately 30-45 minutes.
• Arrive at our camp, then get some welcome drink and change a cloth into Thai farmer clothes style.
• Receive an introduction about the concept and objective from Samui Elephant Home.
• Participate in preparing food and learn how to make supplementary food for elephants; afterward, feed organic food from our camps such as grass and bananas and interact to take pictures with elephants.
• Observe elephants in mud spas with benefits to protect insect and skin treatment.
• Walk along with elephants into the natural environment to see the real habitat of elephants to rub with the tree or eat food by themselves.
• Seeing the first elephant nursery on Koh Samui that we just rescued elephants from hard-working and participated in feeding the organic food for them.
• Participate in playing and showering with elephants in the giant bath to take care of elephants.
• Enjoy numerous food in vegetarian and seasonal fruits.
• Watching a surprise video that we made from the beginning and saying goodbye. Leave Samui Elephant Home and transfer back to your hotel.

Price: Adults 3,000 baht and children (5-11 years) 1,500 baht

Kularb was born in Ranong Province in the south of Thailand in 1960. She worked in the logging industry for several years before we rescued her from mistreatment in Bangkok, where she was forced to walk the streets begging for food. Kularb is now happily settled with us at Samui Elephant Home. This lovely female elephant enjoys eating and meeting people.

Mali is also a female elephant born in Surin Province in the northeast of Thailand around 1968. She worked in the logging industry before being abused in elephant shows for many years in Phuket. In our camp, Mali can relax and not work hard anymore. She loves to scratch against trees as she wanders around the forest in her new home. For the first time in her life, she is free and in her natural habit. Mali is most happy when she spends time with her best friend, Chaba.

Chaba, the youngest female elephant in our camp, was born in 1989 in Chiang May Province in the north of Thailand. She lived in a rural village for several years before moving to us. Chaba is naughty, curious, and friendly toward people, especially men. She loves to play in the mud and shower in the bath very much

Dao Ruang is a female elephant born in Ranong Province in the south of Thailand in 1976. Before we rescued her, she had been working for an elephant trekking camp for more than ten years. On 2nd September, she came to our center to conserve elephants. Presently, she does not work hard anymore, and this is her first time to live freely and without chain and hook to control her.

Maria is a female elephant, born in 1981 in Ayutthaya province. At first,she had been used for logging industry for six years.Then, the owner took her to Samui island for work at an elephant riding camp for more than seven years. Since the 2nd September 2019, Maria has not been working hard anymore because we brought her from an elephant trekking camp. Now she seems pretty happy to have a better life.

Buabarn is a young female elephant in this camp; she was born in 1982 in Surin Province, the northeast of Thailand. Initially, she was moved to the elephant riding camp and lived there for three years. Now, Buabarn lives in an open zone to wait for everyone to meet her. Until 2nd September 2019, Buabarn has followed her friends (Jum-Pa) to be at Samui Elephant Home not anymore to be used for riding. And she needs more vitamin food for her to get healthier.

Hong is a female elephant, she is 45 years old.We rescued her from elephant riding industry.She had been working really hard for a long time.We can now change her life, she looks more happy than before.She spends a lot of time with Maria everyday because Maria is Hong's best friend.Both of them love to play the mud and enjoy bathing together.

Dao is a female elephant who is the youngest one in our camp, she is 31 years old.We saved her from elephant show industry.She can be aggressive sometimes because she had bad experiences before she came here.Someone hurt her by stamping on her back side with the hot iron star shape.For some reasons,she is still afraid of people therefore we have to leave her in the stable sometime at the nursery zone.Perhaps in the future, she will change her mind and trust the people again when there are visitors come and feed her.