We can guarantee that everyone who has the opportunity to join ecotourism in this program will surely fall in love with the way of conservationists. We are prepared to give you something very special and impressive here. Let's join the Samui Elephant Home Caring & Education Center family to help the community and make our world better again.

Our activities will be divided into three types: Tourism & Education for Elephant and Wildlife Conservation, Tourism & Education for Environment Conservation and Tourism & Education for Local Communities. These activities are very well designed and will ensure that you recognise the importance of the environment, wildlife and communities. All of which lead to the cultivation of good ideals of conservation. In addition, you also have the opportunity to take action which is good for our whole world.

Lastly, we sincerely hope that our activities not only leave a great impression, but it also provides an unforgettable experience and passes on the heart of being a conservationist to everyone so you can spread this knowledge to the people around you to be part of sustainable natural resource conservation.

in fun and be part of making our world a better place today.


Conservation of sustainable development and social responsibility

Samui Elephant Home Caring & Education Center is committed to develop and help the society, animals and the environment by cultivating an awareness of everyone, especially children, to realise the importance of natural resources and the environment through many activities we have organised.


1. Take a walk with elephants in the jungle and release the baby blue crabs into the sea.

On November 30, 2020, SECE organised a series of conservation activities called “Take a walk with elephants in the jungle and release the baby blue crab into the sea." These activities had many Thai and foreign children interested in joining our project. What the children will get from this project are fun, new experiences that will allow them to learn more about elephants and blue crabs. Children will also learn about the sustainable coexistence of humans, wildlife, and nature which aims to instil good conscience in being a conservationist.

2. Thai Elephant and Conservation Fund

Because of the Covid-19 epidemic, the number of tourists has decreased. The elephant camps in Koh Samui have been affected greatly. Samui Elephant Home Caring & Education Center collaborated with the Thai Elephant Research and Conservation Fund by visiting the elephant camps. Thank you so much to the Thai Elephant Research and Conservation Fund; food was able to be donated to help the elephants as well.

3. Business trip for taking care elephants

During the covid-19 virus situation, we have some support from the companies. They would like to conserve elephants with us. For that money we spent on medicine for sick elephants and for a home clinic project that will happen in the future.