Samui Elephant Home

Welcome to the biggest kind of elephant sanctuary in Koh Samui

Welcome to Samui Elephant Home. Here, we are proud and would like to introduce our newly launched a project in the form of learning and getting to know each other between humans and elephants in the implication with keeping elephants and conservation to be healthy and wealthy in numbers respectively. 

We had planned to build the very first elephant hospital on Koh Samui in the future. Here, you will find the opportunity to participate and engage in elephant care and conservation activities with us, such as elephants feeding, hiking with elephants to observe their natural behaviors, elephants bathing, discovering the advantages of elephant dung for organic paper production, and participation in care as well as studies and visits of elephant nursery especially for sick elephants with the cooperation from livestock department and veterinarians as the primary caregivers.


Elephant Care Samui Project

The new project of SAMUI ELEPHANT HOME

Our notion focuses on elephant care and coexistence between humans and elephants. Therefore, the first elephant hospital in Koh Samui was carried out to take care of elephants and return elephants to the forest in the future.

This project is separated into 3 steps. The first step is the nursery of elephants, in collaboration with the Department of Livestock Development, to check up the well-being of elephants and offer decent cares. Next, establish a clinic and livestock department at the elephant camp.

The final step, raise a fund to develop an elephant hospital for the treatment of sick elephants and expanded into the stage of bringing the elephants back to nature and to maintain, nurture, and increase the number of Asian elephants.


Timeline for New Project