Samui Elephant Home

Welcome to the ethical elephant sanctuary on Koh Samui

Welcome to Samui Elephant Home. We have proudly launched a new project to increase learning, compatibility, and understanding between humans and elephants as sentient beings. Maintaining the health of our elephants is paramount as the number of animals in our care increases.

We plan to build the very first elephant hospital on Koh Samui. At Samui Elephant Home, you will have an opportunity to participate and engage in hands-on elephant care by feeding and communing with our elephants to observe their natural behavior. Participate in bathing with elephants, discover the advantages of elephant dung for organic paper production, and visit our elephant nursery for sick animals. Our primary caregivers are veterinarians and officers from the Department of Livestock Development. We can all assist in elephant care by supporting sincere and beneficial ethical tourism.


Elephant Care Project


As the first elephant hospital on Koh Samui, our project focuses on elephant care and coexistence with humans. If possible, we aim to return our elephants to the forest.

This project is consists of three steps. The first is to set up an essential elephant nursery care center, in collaboration with the Department of Livestock Development, to monitor the health of our elephants and treat disease and infection. The second is expanding the nursery and establishing a clinic and livestock department at the elephant camp. At the same time, the final step involves fundraising to develop an elephant hospital to treat sick elephants.

We plan to return elephants to their natural wild habitat to maintain nature and increase the number of free Asian elephants.