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The Samui Elephant Home Present are created to celebrate Christmas and Happy New Year event together during the year 2022. For more than two years, we faced the Covid-19 pandemic, which directly affected elephants, and our project to build the first elephant clinic on Samui Island. This year we will create a unique gift for our elephants and everyone with vegetable and fruit cakes for elephants and a unique indigo-dyed fabrics scarf for your assistance from our staff at Samui Elephant Home. 

The present cake for elephants includes a lot of ingredients, including bananas, watermelons, pumpkins, sticky rice, tamarind, and plenty of organic fruits that get a lot of vitamins and are suitable for elephants to get healthier. And we will create unique special indigo-dyed fabrics scarf made from khram in the natural product known as beauty and durability as a gift from our Samui Elephant Home staff. Finally, we will be sending a thank you card, a cute video, and photos during our elephants enjoy eating fruits cake from your special gift. We want to invite everyone to be a part of helping elephants with us and participate in a special gift from Samui Elephant Home together.

The unique Samui Elephant Home Present include:

  1. Vegetables and fruits cake for elephants.
  2. the special indigo-fabric scarf from staff will be sent to your address including of transportation fee.
  3. Thank you card from Samui Elephant Home
  4. Photos and video clips during our elephants enjoy eating your special cake (will be sent to your email around 3-5 days)

**Note: no requirement to fill other information forms