Let’s join Samui Elephant home Virtual tour

Do you know that in this day and age, you can travel to see new cultures, new places, and new environments while staying at home. Thanks to the “Virtual Tour” program, which can connect people all over the world. And a virtual tour is one of the best options for people who want to travel back in time during the pandemic.

Because of the impact it had on Samui Elephant Home during the epidemic crisis many tourist attractions including Samui Elephant Home were forced to close. Consequently, we are losing people for coming to helping elephants with us. Caring for elephants is a difficult task in terms of fewer employees. Every day, the elephants' food deteriorates, including the Elephant Clinic project, which had to be halted. We have thus attempted to find a way for people who love elephants to visit our Samui Elephant Home, and this will be used to the greatest extent possible for the elephants in our care as well as distributing aid to other affected camps.


The virtual tour of Samui Elephant Home

If you are a conservation tourist, we can assure you that our program is ideal for you. Because you will have a new experience with elephants, you will see beautiful nature in Koh Samui, and we will illustrate you interesting activities. You will also contribute to the protection of natural resources and wildlife. Let’s join Samui Elephant home Virtual tour through Zoom. In addition, your participation in our virtual tour benefits the elephants. Our various conservation projects, including the Elephant Clinic, have been completed. You can participate in the virtual tour until you have another opportunity to travel again.

Samui Elephant Home Program

- Our Zoom program will be available for about 15-20 minutes prior to the start of the tour.

- Begin the tour by telling you about our Samui Elephant Home, including what happened during Covid-19, and then tell you about our program.

- Introducing the elephants at Samui Elephant Home and how adorable they are.

- Demonstrate how to make elephant supplement and discuss how beneficial it is to elephants.

- Observing elephants playing in the mud to keep insects away from their skin.

- Follow the elephants' desires into the jungle to see how they enjoy spending time in nature, such as eating, playing, rubbing against the trees and other activities.

- Take elephants for a bath in a natural bathtub.

- During the Q&A session, you can ask us questions about our program and elephants.

- Thank you for your support and participation in our Virtual Tour.

How to join our virtual tour?

When you join our Virtual Tour program, you will be able to watch a live stream once a day at 3:00 p.m.
local time in Thailand. (European zone will be around 9 a.m.) can be registered through our website.

1. Register for an account (1 user can watch together on a big screen.)
2. You must register one day prior to the live stream.
3. So, right after you register, we will check your information and send you the password to join the virtual tour on Zoom in 5-7 hours.
4. We limit the number of people on a single virtual tour to 30-40 to ensure that we can take care of everyone.
5. If you have any questions about our virtual tour program, please email us at info@samuielephanthome.com or visit our Facebook page, Samui Elephant Home.

Virtual Tour Program for helping elephants

Finally, we would like to invite you to come and try out the Virtual Tour, which Samui Elephant Home is working hard to improve, to provide everyone with the most impressive new travel experience possible. We will use the proceeds from the Virtual Tour this time to provide food and medicine for elephants, this includes being used to complete our Elephant Clinic project as well. 

Thank you to all of the conservation tourists until we can meet again when the situation has been resolved.