Open zone at Samui Elephant Home

Samui Elephant Home provides a secure and happy environment for elephants who have worked long hours in the logging industry or have been rescued from commercial ill-treatment.

We now have an open zone where everyone can care for elephants with us.
Our next goal is to establish the first elephant clinic on Koh Samui. We need to attract highly qualified personnel and increase our budget to accomplish this aim.

We have started two new activities for everyone to enjoy and experience the beauty and tranquility of elephants.
We want you to have a long-lasting, memorable experience with these beautiful and gentle creatures.
Our primary focus is to help in conserving elephants. Visit us at Samui Elephant Home and spend close-up and personal time with these gentle giants.


Activities available in the open zone

Everyone can participate in our open zone, where we pamper and feed elephants who have suffered and endured long working hours and physical and mental abuse.
What they need now are kindness and love. We provide vitamins and food supplements to promote their health. Our activities include the following two packages.


Open zone location from Samui Elephant Home
(3D perspective location)

1. Elephant food package supplements

This activity allows everyone to prepare feed for the elephants consisting of beneficial vitamins and herbs.
We strive to promote the health of our elephants. Come along. Enjoy the best ethical tourism experience on Koh Samui and help save and preserve elephants.



Program itinerary

  •  Pick you up from the hotel and drive a car to Samui Elephant Home open zone around 30-45 minutes.
  • You will be welcomed to Samui Elephant Home (open zone camp) with a short explanation of the program by our guide, who will then introduce you to our elephants.
  • Participate in making supplementary food for the elephants, including bananas, pumpkin, sticky rice, and sea salt containing abundant vitamins.
  • Feed the elephants with the food that you have made and take pictures with them.
  • Time to say goodbye to elephants and transfer back to your hotel with the best experiences for taking care of elephants.



Price: adult 900 baht and children (5-11 years) 500 baht per person


 Pick up time Morning programAfternoon program
Bangrak / Chong Mon 08.40-08.50 am 12.40-12.50 pm
Maenam / Pralann 08.40-08.50 am 12.40-12.50 pm
Bophut 09.00-09.10 am 12.40-12.50 pm
Chawaeng 09.00-09.10 am 13.00-13.10 pm
Nathon / Bang Po 09.00-09.10 am 13.00-13.10 pm
Lipanoi / Plangka 09.20-09.30 am 13.20-13.30 pm
Lamai 09.20-09.30 am 13.20-13.30 pm



2. Vitamins food package

Samui Elephant Home has grown crops, especially for our elephants, beneficial food.
We prefer not to buy food from outside to limit the risk of pesticides or unsuitable contaminants, which can be fatal to elephants.
Our food package consists of three crops like bananas, sugarcane, and grass.


The cost is only 300 baht for these three crops.

Note: This package does not include hotel transfers.

We welcome guests to organize their own transport to visit Samui Elephant Home (open zone).
Come and feed our elephants.