Samui Elephant Home was established to help, care for, and conserve elephants and return them to their natural habitat to increase the Asian elephant population in Thailand. This project was launched because Koh Samui has no elephant hospital or clinic to provide comprehensive care for elephants. The project also offers opportunities for the general public to learn and participate in elephant conservation. At Samui Elephant Home, you can experience how elephants live and play an active, hands-on role in caring for their natural well-being




What do We do?

Our Mission
The principal mission of Samui Elephant Home is the preservation and conservation of elephants that are now an endangered species through the loss of their natural habitat. We rescue elephants in need and provide food and reasonable care in a suitable environment. We are committed to providing education to help people understand elephants better and find a way of living together to save elephants from extinction.


Our objectives

- To take care of and conserve elephants in their natural environment.

- To propose ways to care for elephants and learn their behavior through multi-sector participation.

- To build a hospital to safeguard the health of our elephants with assistance and support from the government livestock department to provide comprehensive primary care.

- To establish a fund to finance the construction of an elephant hospital to treat and nature sick elephants, following supervisory guidelines of the Department of Livestock Development.

- To conduct the research and development to return elephants to their natural territories and provide adequate habitat for elephants and other animals


Integration for taking care of elephants

Enjoyable / Knowledgeable / Conservation